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God Beyond All Names (CD)

God Beyond All Names (CD)
God Beyond All Names (CD) God Beyond All Names (CD) God Beyond All Names (CD)
God Beyond All Names (CD)
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About the title song Bernadette writes, "Our image of God is inevitably influenced by our society and its language. Studies of hymn-books reveal a preponderance of metaphors based on strength and power, together with almost exclusively male pronouns. And yet, Christian theology recognises a God who is beyond gender. The scriptures include feminine as well as masculine images of God. Perhaps our own understanding of what it is to be human can be affirmed and valued if our sense of God is less constricted. Through Jesus Christ, we know God to be at the heart of our human condition, in powerlessness, vulnerability and change." Each song in this collection is a call to truly accept, and be transformed by, the message of the Gospel. 



Bread For The World 

Eastertide Gospel Acclamation 

God, Beyond All Names 

God Has Chosen Me 

God Of Abraham 

In The Land 

Jesus, Lamb Of God 

Litany Of The Word 

O God, For You I Long 

Saints Of God In Glory 

Spirit Of God 

The Stone Which The Builders Rejected 

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